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Welcome to the Popcorn Board Education Exchange. You'll find lesson plans and activities for students, grade levels kindergarten through high school. All of these materials are meant as beginning points to further learning. They are generally divided into grade levels K-3, 4-6, 7-8 and High School, although some variations occur. You may increase or decrease the level of difficulty with these materials to suit the needs of your students.

This portion of our Web site will continue to grow and evolve with your help. Please feel free to email us with lesson plans that you've developed that involve popcorn. We will review the materials, and if suitable, post them (giving credit to you/the author) for other educators.

Popcorn is at the base of all the lesson plans you'll find here and many of these lesson plans require popped popcorn. You may find it easier to engage your students with this yummy, fun, and wholesome snack. When you have finished the lesson plan, pop up an extra bowl of popcorn for a tasty treat the whole class will enjoy!

We hope you find the following pages helpful. Best wishes, and remember- Good Times are Poppin' with Popcorn!


MATHPredicting Popcorn1-3
 Fractional Popcorn3-4
 Math Problems: Quick Exercises3-5
 Paper and Popcorn tells Volumes3-6
 Popcorn Averages4-8
 Math Problems: Decimals4-6
 Math Problems: Fractions4-6
 Popcorn Teaser5-7
SCIENCEGrow, Grow, Grow Your PopcornK-3
 How Much Water Does Popcorn Contain?5-6
 Comparing Volumes5-8
 The Effect of Moisture on Popcorn5-8
 Temperature Comparison Test5-8
 Popcorn Color Comparison5-8
 *Photos--Popcorn in Growth Stages*
AGRICULTURAL SCIENCESPlease Pass the Genes: How New Plants are Made5-8
 Breaking the Barrier: How Seeds Come Through the Soil5-8
 Seed Germination Tests5-12
 Effect of Cold Storage on Seeds7-12
 Effect of Light on Seed Germination7-12
 *Photos--Popcorn in Growth Stages*
AGRICULTURE SCIENCE PROJECTSVarious Science Projects4-8 (varies)
 Ways to "Boss" a Plant Around4-8 (varies)
 *Photos--Popcorn in Growth Stages*
SOCIAL STUDIESWhere Does Popcorn Come From?3-6
 Where Does Your Popcorn Grow?4-6
 Popcorn Poppers4-6
BUSINESSThe Popcorn Package9-12
 Sound BottlesK-2
 Let's Make Music!K-3
 Popcorn PoemK-2
 Popcorn PicturesK-3
 Popcorn Seed MosaicsK-3
 Use Your SensesK-3
 Legends and MythsK-3
HEALTH SCIENCES/ NUTRITIONNutrition and You: Popcorn in the Food PyramidK-3

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